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When shortening jeans, we are able to retain a pre-worn finish by cutting away the original hem and reinstating it at the required length. When tapering (narrowing) jeans, we pay close attention that the original stitching and thread color is matched perfectly. We can also replace lost Jean buttons.

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Eve’s Alterations Tip Of The Day “Finding the Perfect Pair Of Jeans”

1.Try, Try Again

Blue jeans are as American as apple pie. But if you’re like most women, you find jeans shopping stressful. In fact, nearly 70 percent of Motherboard Moms said that they have to try on four or more pairs before they find a pair that fits. And Clinton Kelly, a fashion consultant and co-host of TLC’s What Not To Wear, says the average woman on the TLC show tries on 20 pairs! Okay, so the dressing room can’t be avoided. But you can steer clear of other pitfalls of jeans shopping (and jeans wearing) with this smart advice

2. Focus on Fit, Not Labels

You inspect the label on a pair of jeans, and it says that they’re a certain size and style, say boot-cut or straight-leg style. That’s good information but keep in mind that one manufacturers’ definition of boot-cut is different from another’s. And when it comes to flares, some jeans flare out a bit, others a lot.

And, unfortunately, there is no universal sizing chart for designers to abide by. You may wear a size 10 in one line of jeans and a 14 in another. Don’t stress about it! Keep in mind: Women very frequently have a range of three sizes when it comes to the different items in their wardrobe.” When in doubt, grab a minimum of two different sizes to take into the dressing room.

3. Look for a Darker Wash

Jeans with a darker wash are more flattering and look more polished than jeans in a lighter wash. Color versatility will come in handy if you want to wear jeans when you go out at night or if you’re trying to create a business casual look.

4. Don’t Be Distressed

Be aware that if you buy distressed jeans with any sort of bleaching (lines on the hips or faded spots on the thigh, knees, or tush), the distressing will always emphasize those particular parts of your body If your jeans have a faded spot on the thighs, that bleached spot will make your thighs the focus of attention and, ultimately, make them look bigger.

5. Mom Jeans Are Not Your Friend

Nothing will age you faster than wearing a pair of mom jeans: those high-waisted, light-washed, taper-legged jeans. Women like mom jeans because they usually fit a wide range of shapes. They’re higher in the rise and wide in the tush so they work for more body types, but they’re terrible-looking on every shape. Watch reruns of Friends in the early years and if your jeans match Monica’s, toss them! Instead, choose a pair of classic jeans  and try on several pairs until you find one that’s comfortable.

Stay positive when you shop for jeans and remember that bodies change over the course of a lifetime You can’t beat yourself up for not having the same body you had before you had kids. Your body changes as time goes on. Accept it and know that there is a jeans style that will fit you.

6. These Are Not Your Daughter’s Jeans

Just because you’re not wearing mom jeans doesn’t mean you should be wearing your daughter’s! This is another big fashion no-no. Tween girls experiment with style: Adolescence and young adulthood is all about finding a style that works.

But anytime you wear something that’s meant for a teen or tween, it says that you don’t know who you are and you’re trying to hold onto your youth. The opposite is actually true: Wearing jeans for younger girls makes you look older. Keep in mind you don’t have to wear the trendiest jean. Find a jeans style you like that’s modern, sleek, and sophisticated. It’s your time to be you!

7. Wear Your Jeans with the Right Stuff

Jeans and Keds may be classic, but your blue jeans should never ever be worn with a white cross-training sneaker. It’s the number-one fashion mistake women make across the U.S. It’s the worst thing a woman can do because it means you’re taking the easy way out. It shows you’re making no effort at all when you get dressed.”

And no underwear peeking out of the top of the jeans? Don’t go there. “Wearing low-rise jeans with your thong or other lingerie sticking out is a look that had five minutes—and only five minutes—of fame. Best advice: Keep your underwear in your pants.”


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Perfect Jean Hem Length

A Guide for  Acheiving the Perfect Hem Length

Always take your jeans home and wash them before getting them hemmed. Typically jeans will shrink in length from 1/2 inch to 1 inch…and you want to make sure they are shrunk before altering!

Request of your tailor to keep the original hem intact.
When trying on your jeans for hemming, make sure they sit on your hips exactly where you like to wear them. After they’re pinned, take a few steps to see how you like the length–depending on the thickness of the fabric, some jeans scrunch up more than others when you move. Where your hems should fall:

Straight leg: Your jeans should fall 1/2 – 1 1/2 inches above the ground when wearing shoes. This can be tricky depending on what type of heel height you’ll be wearing.

Boot/Flare: The same rules apply as with the straight leg. However, make sure that your flared legs don’t completely engulf your feet, giving the illusion of “centaur leg.”

Skinny: Since a little scrunch looks good, keep them long! The narrow leg opening will prevent them from dragging on the ground.

It’s important to note: All hems are not created equal. For jeans, you generally want to use the original hem. This will allow you to maintain the natural distressing that you’ll lose when creating a new hem (where the fabric is cut, folded under, and stitched).

Remember, you can always bring your jeans into Eve’s Alterations to be hemmed! We do regular hems, hems using the original hem.

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Eve’s Alterations
4636 W Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy
Kissimmee Fl 34746 Get Directions


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