Shortening Services

Eve’s Alterations provides shortening services to ensure that you not only get the perfect length but also the perfect style, Eve’s Seamstress also specialize in putting the original hem back onto your jeans so they look unaltered and as original as possible to the original stitching.

We Shorten

Pants and jeans hems (standard and original finishes)
Formal and Casual Dresses
Bridal Gowns
Shorts hems
Jacket hems, sleeves, shoulders and more
Shirt hems and sleeves

Shortening Speacials

Get your pants or jeans shortened in an hour or it’s FREE*
For other shortening services promotions visit our Special Offers page.
For special original jeans hem finishes, talk to one of our shop staff for more information.

*Must mention service upon placement of order. Excludes non standard finishes. 1 pant/jeans per person per day.