Men’s Suits

Imagine a suit that fits like it was made for you a jacket which darts to give you that James Bond Look. Dream no more! Eve’s Alterations can do just that with your off the rack suit. Our seamstress will “pin you up” in front of the mirror. This is where they gather the fabric they will take in and use pins to give you a preview. Once there done, do the hug test, pretend that your going to hug someone. If you feel like your going to tear out a pin? It’s to tight. Do not be afraid to speak up if there something of concern, we won’t be offended and then we can discuss if your ideas can become reality.

How much do Suit Alterations cost?


Sides & Center Seam (in/out)
Sleeves (Shorten/Lengthen)
Hem (Shorten/Lengthen)
Raise Back


Waist (in/out)
Sides (in/out)
Hem (Shorten/Lengthen)
Taper legs
Pants Re-cut $65.00-$125
Pants Remove pleats $24.99-$60.00
Pants Replace Zipper $12.00-$16.00
Shape Seat