The bustle $25-$95

The bustle (picking up the back of the bridal gown off the floor so you can bust a move on the dance floor!) $25-$95 – If you have a train, a bustle is needed. This is where we see many seamstresses make the most profit as they put an insane number of bustles into wedding gowns. In our experience you should rarely need more than 6 or 7 bustle points, but we have seen as many as 35 in a wedding gown. Can you imagine having your friend or mother under your dress trying to decipher 35 bustle points? Neither can we… So what is the average price for a bustle on a wedding dress? From our experience you can expect to pay $25-$95, but beware, many seamstresses will push that number as high as $250. This is something to ask about!

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