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Suit Alterations You Should Make To Off The Rack Suits. Off-the-rack suit aren’t designed to fit perfectly, so if you don’t have the cash for an expensive bespoke Suit, you’re gonna need a tailor. With thread, needle and a flick of the wrist this rare breed of clothing magicians can alter your not-custom suit into something as close to custom as possible — all while saving you a bundle.

One of these wizards is Eve, who’s been holding down sewing duties for over 25 years at Eve’s Alterations in Kissimmee Florida especially when it pertains to off the rack suit alterations. Soak up these recommendations for the seven alterations you should make to every off-the-rack suit, and never again will a great deal be ruined by a terrible fit.

These are 6 off the rack suit alterations you should make to your suits.


  1. Narrow the sleeves: They shouldn’t be restrictively tight, but they shouldn’t be baggy either — slim is the ideal middle-ground.
  2. Shorten the sleeves: The proper length should show a half-inch of shirt cuff (called “linen”) when your hands are at your sides.
  3. Jacket length: The whole length thing is variable, as we all have torsos, arms, and legs of different lengths. But a good rule to go by is that the jacket should cover your ass.


  1. Pant length: Cuffed or non-cuffed? Non-cuffed is a more modern, flush look. Full break? Half? No break at all?! It’s up to your personal taste.
  2. Take in/let out the waist:  This is typically going to be the former (if not, it might be time for a gym membership). Baggy is bad, but Victorian corset choke is worse. You should be comfortable when you sit, stand, and walk.
  3. Narrow the pant leg: For a slimmer look, have the tailor pull the fabric in from around your shin up through your thigh.
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